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LCMSpolitics - Lutheran Convention Information

This is a site we hope to quickly grow into your source of information on the upcoming LCMS Convention, as well as what you need to do in your church and district conventions.

If you are interesting in helping us build this site, please register on this site then contact us.

Note on the menuing system on this site

Since this site is brand new, we don't have much content on it yet. As we develop content, the menu in the left sidebar will expand. For now, though, most of the pages accessible from this site can be found below.

What we hope to have on this site:

Here is a current listing of the things we would love to have on this site. Obviously not all are possible in the time between now and then.



Forums (moderated?)

  • Share and refine overtures and resolutions
  • One thread per proposed overture / resolution
  • Why do we do politics? Is there a better way?
  • Comment: people can submit overtures to us for posting. comments can be found on each page. It's probably too much work to set up and moderate forums.


- Rolling poll / vote to stack rank proposed overtures / resolutions?
- Polls like Pr. Simcak's ConcordTX poll?

Convention Calendar

Agenda for 2010 Synod Convention

  • Blue Ribbon Task Force Proposals (insert image of Pabst Blue Ribbon can)
  • Responses to Task Force Proposals
  • Matt Harrison
  • Todd Wilken
  • Others

Agendas for 2009 District Conventions

  • Importance of getting overtures submitted by as many churches in each district as possible


  • Listing of overtures with place to discuss each one.

2009 District Convention Highlights

  • Hopeful results (pre-convention)
  • Live blogging of each convention??- Actual Results (post-convention)
  • Post Mortem

2010 Synod Convention Highlights

  • Hopeful results (pre-convention)
  • Live blogging of each convention??- Actual Results (post-convention)
  • Post Mortem


Here are overtures and resolutions from the texas district for the 2007 convention: (external link) (external link)

Here are two other resources: (external link) (external link)

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